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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 23 June 2017
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215769
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 193x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 280
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £12.99
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Decoupage Your Home


A contemporary guide to transforming everyday objects by Fransie Snyman

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Book Description

One of the most popular crafts to re-emerge recently, decoupage is ideal to decorate just about anything, from small household items to large pieces of furniture. Discover its delights with this start-to-finish guide packed with technique know-how and stylish projects.

Starting with tools and materials, preparation of bases and blanks, choosing napkins, paper and fabric, cutting techniques and finding the perfect product for the effect you want to achieve, the book contains more than 50 appealing projects with clear step by step instructions and photographs.

Following the trend to upcycle, decoupage is a fun and easy way to transform just about anything as it works on a wide range of surfaces, from glass and plastic to fabric and wood. In its simplest form, it involves gluing paper onto everyday objects to embellish them, but materials and ideas from many other crafts can be incorporated. Combining traditional and new techniques with the huge variety of specialist products available today, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Suitable for beginners, this lavishly illustrated book will also inspire experienced crafters. The projects range from brooches, boxes and tins to bigger undertakings such as chairs, a headboard and a photo wall. The text is packed with useful information, helpful hints and sound advice.

About the Author

About Fransie Snyman

Multi-crafter Fransie Snyman is a science teacher who escapes to her crafts whenever her busy schedule allows. Although jewellery-making is her first love, she loves paper and has always made her own greeting cards. Dabbling in many other crafts, including pewter, scrapbooking, glass painting, encaustic art and, most recently, stained glass, she belongs to several craft groups and is a popular teacher and demonstrator at expos and other events. She has written many books on various crafts, several of which have appeared in international editions. This is her second book on card making.



Decoupage, a perennial-favorite craft technique, continues to evolve, and there are now many types of podge (the glue that also provides a protective surface) widely commercially available. This book provides basic instruction for applying decoupage to wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, fabric, and leather surfaces, as well as on walls and floors, using paper, magazines, newspaper, photographs, stamps, washi tape, napkins, and textiles. The projects include furniture and household objects ranging from a headboard to candles to placemats and are designed to give a fresh look to both used items in need of refurbishment and pieces purchased, ready-to-decorate, from craft stores. All projects list the item to be decoupaged, the images to be applied, and the decoupage medium, in addition to tools like brushes and scissors. The process used here is designed for near-instant gratification, not requiring the multiple layers of varnish applied over weeks that this technique has traditionally used. Crafters who want to add color and pattern throughout their homes will find a trove of inspiration here. 


Issue 52

Decoupage is the perfect craft for upcycling. Not only can the technique be utilised on almost any surface, but it's a speedy way to transform the look of everyday objects into something beautiful for your home. As author Fransie Synman reminds us the method of cutting paper images and gluing them to furniture with an application of varnish to protect them has been around since the 12th century and this age old decoration looks set to stay for the foreseeable future. The beautifully presented book concentrates on upcycling pieces of old furniture and household objects ranging from tins and trays, chairs and lamps, to trunks and tables. With a helpful introduction to tools, techniques and materials, plus a guide on how to achieve the best results on a variety of sources such as glass, metal, leather and fabric, beginners will soon learn how to deocrate a cushion or candle, update a headboard of create a photo wall.

The Papercraft Post

Decoupage decorating objects with artfully-applied cut-outs (made of paper and other materials) which are then lacquered, is a craft thats enjoying a revival, thanks to new products and the upcycling trend. So Fransie Snymans new title is well-timed. Decoupage is the perfect skill for an IKEA hack or a tea chest upgrade. 

Author Fransie Snymans day job is as a science teacher so you can see how her fascination with materials and surfaces extends to the craft. She is up to speed with the products required to produce speedy decoupage projects. In olden times, layer upon layer of labouriously-applied varnish was required to finish a decoupaged object. These days, a variety of finishing products , many quick-drying, are available with specificity of end use and appearance. Example: podges. A podge is both a glue and a finish. You can choose matt, satin, gloss even glitter finishes, plus you can match the podge to both the surface and the material being applied. 

There is much to choose from when it comes to materials to apply. Napkin decoupage is a niche craft in itself. Printed paper napkins come in magnificent patterns, as does decopatch paper tissue thin and brilliantly patterned. Fabric is a possibility, too.

Up front, you will find basic how-tos, acquainting you with tool, materials, and techniques. This is then followed by over 50 projects, all accompanied by step-by-step how-tos. The projects are pretty much as expected lots of tins, stool tops, toy box, wall clock. The peacock feather-motif cushions fashioned from paper napkins applied to fabric work a treat. It might have been nice to have a chart back-of-book, matching decoupage cut-out to finishing medium.

The craft of decoupage has much appeal everyone likes a makeover, plus the potential to magic pretty papers a more permanent existence had great appeal. Protect and display. Fransie Snymans new book provides decoupage know-how in one stop.



Upcycle all kinds of old and ordinary items with decoupage and give your home a facelift!  Whatever your style there is a paper for it, and a method of adding it to almost everything you can think of from wood to candles.


I tend to associate decoupage with a vintage look but this book shows how you can make it look modern just by choosing the right papers and the right object.  I also imagined it to involve a lot of time and skill, having read an old book suggesting that twenty coats of varnish is not too muchBut fortunately there are many modern products now that make it a breeze.  The book starts by looking at some of these products, and describing what can be decoupaged and how with useful instructions on techniques such as painting, distressing and cutting out.  The rest of the book is filled with projects, and these serve as suggestions rather than the type where you can buy everything and reproduce it exactly.  They are organized into rooms eg kitchen, living room, outdoors etc and the author describes how you can comb attics, junk shops and markets for old things and do them up.  A travel trunk is covered with map paper and becomes a coffee table, old tins are painted and decorated to brighten a kitchen and old trays are brought to new life.  New things can be made over too: plain candles are covered with pretty floral napkins, a plastic box becomes a fun toybox and blanks of all kinds from craft stores are turned into useful decorations and containers.  Each project starts by briefly describing the item being upcycled and a list of what you need, then the instructions follow.  These are words only but this is a simple enough method mostly consisting of preparing, painting and using a medium like Mod Podge to attach the papers.  There are also galleries of items showing what else can be done to further inspire.  I was pleasantly surprised how fun and easy it all seems to be, and getting hold of the few items required is not difficult.  The book was originally published in South Africa so everything is not available elsewhere but there are many alternatives to paper, adhesives etc and some are given.  A user friendly book on an old method which has been updated for the modern crafter.

Customer Review

A delightful book on the art of decoupage. Perfect for the absolute beginner and decoupage expert alike. The first part of the book is dedicated to the tools of the trade and tips and techniques. The second part is individual projects from start to finish. There are loads of hints and tips included in the book. It is a book I would highly recommend for the beginner and also is full of wonderful ideas for the more experienced crafter.
I can't wait to get started on the heart shaped pallet decoration included in the book!

Customer Review

A really useful book to get you started with decoupage. Easy to follow and well laid out the instructions are clear and concise. There are lots of beautiful photos of the finished items but I think I would have found some more 'work in progress' shots helpful.
Overall its a great book to get you started with this craft and to give project inspiration to those already up and running with decoupage.
Highly recommended.

Customer Review

As someone who loves recycling and upcycling my belongings this is an ideal book for me. There are over 50 projects to complete and definitely something in there for everyone regardless of your skill level. I love making my own Christmas decorations and found some great inspirational ideas in this book, some I have already started to make. The guide is easy to follow with step by step instructions and pictures to help you visualise the completed project. I am a beginner at this but found the book so easy to use by the end of some of the projects I felt quite professional. What I loved is that the book uses a variety of items, not just paper so it is easy to use your imagination.
Great book that would make a lovely gift and certainly a book that keeps on giving. Would highly recommend.

Customer Review

Before receiving this book I had dabbled with encourage on mason jars and a small shelf unit. I can get obsessed and I bout enough bits and pieces to revamp my whole home. Then, as usual, I discovered another craft and started again. I realised that I had so much 'stash' that I needed to get some inspiration and this book fits the bill exactly. Full of projects that will inspire you and get you creating something new from furniture or objects you already own or to buy a piece of furniture as a project. This book teaches you everything from start to finish. Choosing paper or napkins as well as the best glue and varnish. You know what they say ' from small acorns mighty oaks grow' well that's what will happen. Start on small projects and move on to the big stuff practising your new skills. Imagine the gifts you can make for loved ones or even for sale. This is definitely a book that I will return to again and again.

Customer Review

I absolutely love this book. So many different projects to choose from, from decorating candles to chest of drawers. Loads of gift ideas and projects for the home. I'm more than happy to recommend this book for personal use or as a gift.

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