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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback 16-page b+w double-sided perforated pattern pullout
  • Publication: 22 February 2019
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217695
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 203x254 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 112
  • RRP: £12.99
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10 Easy Stitches

Special Price: £6.50

Over 30 modern embroidery projects using simple stitching by Alicia Burstein

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Book Description

Learn 10 simple hand embroidery stitches and make over 30 fun, easy and unique projects.

Get your creative juices flowing with the 10 easiest and most popular embroidery stitches! Alicia Burstein expands the boundaries of contemporary hand embroidery with super-fast ideas for the impatient sewist and dazzling motifs for slow stitchers. With just a needle and thread, you can create 30 unique projects to wear, use and display. Learn how easy it is to stitch on unconventional materials such as canvas tennis shoes, a denim skirt or leather bracelets. Change the patterns to fit your unique style, and branch out to create your own custom designs.

  • Master 10 simple, versatile hand embroidery stitches, each with clear instructions
  • Sew more than 30 useful embroidery projects, from household items to clothing and wall art
  • Embroider on anything you want to, and get expert tips for hand stitching on unusual materials and ready-made items

Table of Contents

Learn It
Needles and Fabric and Thread, Oh My!
Other Stitchy Crafty Supplies 
Transferring Patterns
Projects on Display
The Fun Part—The Projects!
Stitch It 
The Big 10
Straight Stitch
Stem Stitch
Split Stitch
Chain Stitch
Satin Stitch
French Knot
Lazy Daisy
Blanket Stitch
Woven Wheel or Rose

Thread Sketching 
Pile on the Glitz 

Feathered Jean Skirt
Winged Shoes
Collar and Cuffs
Sweater Elbow Patches
Stacking Bracelets
Heart Rhythm Workout Tank
Constellation Mini Hoop Necklace
Trim a Men’s Classic Shirt
Under the Sea Baby Clothes

Beaded Christmas Ornaments
Rainy Day Baby Mobile
Painted Grocery Bag
Reusable Snack Bags
Skull Heating Pack
T. rex Stuffie
Emperor Penguin Pincushion
Pretty Girl Handkerchiefs
Sashiko Book Covers

Thread Sketch an Autumn Tree
Immortalize a Hand Drawing
Gray’s (Not Grey’s!) Anatomy in Blackwork
The Red Thread of Fate
Woodland Animals Nursery Art
Pretty Butterflies
Mandala Dream Catcher
Polar Bear, Snowflakes, and Glass

About the Author


About the Author

About Alicia Burstein

Alicia Burstein learned cross-stitch at the age of seven and dabbles in almost every craft from painting and needlework to stamping and self-publishing colouring books. She has worked as a nurse and a college instructor and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of the US with her family.


Customer review

A fab-u-lous modern embroidery book. Having recently re-taken up embroidery and wished to improve my skills, I recommend this book it has everything and more. Its in sections starting with learning tips up-to more complex work. There are fabulous projects to be had not your usual floral or sampler.

Customer review

A fabulous, well written book that is suitable for both beginners and seasoned embroidery fans alike. The introduction and subsequent tips and tricks are some of the best I have encountered! There are plenty of full colour pictures and diagrams to aid the information. I particularly like the part on transferring patterns.

The stitches themselves are explained really well with diagrams and useful tips, I found the section on thread stitching to be particularly interesting.

There are three parts to the projects in the book which deal with embroidered clothing and jewellery that you can wear, projects for useful, household items and projects to create and display in your home. Each part is again accompanied by full colours pictures and diagrams.

In the back of the book there is a pull out sheet of templates, some of which are to my taste, others not but it offers something for everyone.

I shall enjoy using this book, my favourite design is the feather.

Customer review

A lovely book full of simple ideas to incorporate your embroidery stitching into a wide range of projects. Really comprehensive guide to the ten different stitches. Really liked the idea of thread sketching and nice to see that the project ideas are a little bit different to those found in the more traditional embroidery books. 

Customer review

I was asked to review this book and it is absolutely beautiful! Full of gorgeous projects, tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration, and full instructions. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to get started with embroidery as well as those who want to move on to something a bit different. 

Customer review

I was given a free review copy of this book and was looking forward to reading through it and I wasn't disappointed. The author is a fan of variegated thread, as am I, so this book had my interest right from the start. The book is split into 4 main sections. The first is the Introduction; where the author tells us this is not a book aimed at the beginner. It is rather a book aimed at those who want to use embroidery stitches in a variety of ways and are happy to improvise and adapt designs to suit circumstances. The second section is Learn It; where the author describes threads, needles, fabrics etc needed to complete the projects. This is where we first meet Tips and Tricks; these sections give additional advice and are worth the cost of the book if you are a beginner. The third section is Stitch It. This is where the 10 stitches are explained, with diagrams, but the tips make this section so much more. A beginner could learn to use these stitches via this section but there is also the scope to use these stitches in a much more advanced way and the author encourages the reader to explore the possibilities. The final section is the meat of the book, or The Fun part - The Projects. This is where the advanced beginner is necessary. You need to transfer the pattern to the item, you need to decide what fabric to use and you often need to choose your stitches. The projects are clearly photographed so you can see what has been achieved but beginners may need more help than offered here. However, if you are able to overcome this the projects can allow your own creativity to take over. The projects cover wearable items, usable items and hang-able items but these can all be interchanged and used in any way you want. I love the range of projects and I can't wait to start stitching. The embroidery on a shirt will be my first, for both myself and my husband and I want to try thread sketching, there is also a beautiful mandala I want to make. I think the author has really tried to produce a book that will allow a beginner to grow and produce items they will be thrilled with. You may not love all the projects, taste varies, but I have found that each project stimulates ideas for my own use and the book certainly encourages this.

Customer review

There are fun projects for everyone in this clear and attractively laid out book, and all made with basic embroidery stitches that are easy to pick up, such as Stem stitch, and Split stitch. I found the section on "Transferring Patterns" especially helpful too. The project themes are quite varied, such as "Woodland Animals Nursery art", or the "Heart Rhythm Workout Tank" design. I am looking forward to stitching some "Pretty Girl handkerchiefs" this weekend. 

Customer review

This book, although perhaps not for the absolute beginner, does explain in admirable detail the various fabrics, threads, needles and stitches that can be used to create exciting projects. The pictures are clear with straightforward text, and there's a project for everyone. The book includes sewing patterns and a link to download them and print, which is an excellent feature. Not every project is to my taste, but they could easily be adapted once you've grown in confidence a little. All in all, a solid guide to developing your sewing skills.

Customer review

This is a easy-to-follow embroidery book, split into different sections starting with all you need to know about threads fabric and how to transfer the designs on to almost anything. The section on the 10 easy stitches is very clear and easy to follow.

The next three sections have a variety of ideas for clothing and homeware, there are some lovely ideas which could not only be used as the ideas in the book but also on many other items too.

At the back of the book is a large pull out sheet with all the designs for you to trace or copy on to you chosen fabric.

Overall this is a interesting book for anyone who is either starting to learn embroidery or is a old hand at this lovely craft, worth having on your bookshelf and sure anyone would find their perfect project from this book.


For embroidery newbies, this read is a must-have on your shelf! Alicia Burnstein's book teaches you the ten easiest and most popular hand stitches through step-by-step instructions, so that you can apply them to all kinds of makes. What will you embroider first- some plimsolls, a denim skirt or perhaps a leather bracelet?


If you are an advanced beginner and are looking for the intermediate, quick-ish modern project then you have come to the right place. Learn these ten simple stitches and you can make any of the thirty lovely items in this book.

I applaud the beginning of this book which sets out simply who it is intended for. An advanced beginner is what I call an improver, ie somebody who is au fait with the basics and wants to learn some more while having fun making some attractive and useful items. In here you can learn first about all the things you require, both physical and technique to make the projects. Stock your workbox with the right tools, find out about fabrics and threads and discover different options for your finished work. Your embroidery could become a cushion, be framed by a hoop, hung up on dowel rods or decorate a lap blanket or be used as a quilt square. Instructions are given for all these, and there are some very clear diagrams for the ten stitches too. Throughout the author chats to you as though she was in the room which is a great touch, and one which made the book very readable and user friendly. She stresses that no project is too bogged down by detailed instructions so there are plenty of options on how to use it. There are no actual thread lists or even colours given, just basic descriptions of what you need and the sizes (in imperial) plus instructions and a photograph of what it can look like. This might sound a bit vague, but it works as long as you are not a total beginner, as laid out in that list at the front. The items are all either very simple to make up or in a few cases things that already exist (such as a top and skirt) but need revamping or a bit of decoration. The projects are grouped into three categories, and there are helpful thumbnail images at the front for easy selection. Choose from Wear It, Use It or Hang It and decorate your home (and yourself) with such diverse items as a jeans skirt adorned with an embroidered peacock feather, a penguin pincushion, dinosaur shaped pillow, stack of bracelets, your own or your childrens drawings immortalised in simple stitches, beaded Christmas ornaments or a baby mobile. At the back is a pull-out section containing all the patterns to trace or print onto printable fabric.

This really is a book you can have a lot of fun with and use up your stash of not only fabric but embroidery floss, beads, buttons, sequins, glitter and fabric paint. One for the keeper shelf.

Craft Focus April/May 2019

This delightful guide shows crafters how to master 10 simple stitches and create more than 30 fun projects. Alicia Burstein has plenty of quick ideas that can be achieved with a needle and thread, from household items to clothing and wall art. There's also tips for stitching onto unconventional materials such as shoes and denim. 

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