25 October 2019


BC Paperback

180x230 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Egg Art

by Katya Trischuk

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast! With a bit of imagination, they can also be transformed into beautiful decorative items and gifts. A modern and accessible hobby, egg art is something all generations can take part in, and connect over. Egg Art feeds into the current trend of working and crafting with natural, everyday objects, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Hatch a plan and get cracking on your egg-cellent designs now!

Book Contents

Chapter 1: Egg Art Projects 10

Colour Block Egg 12
Peacock Feathers Egg 14
White Polka-dot Egg 16
Bohemian Floral Egg 18
Japanese Fan Egg 20
The Hunter Bull’s-eye and Arrow Egg 22
Colourful Pebbles Egg 24
Baby Girl Keepsake Egg 26
Decorative Belts Egg 28
Yellow Geometry Egg 30
Red-and-White Candy Cane Egg 32
Blue Starburst Egg 34
Neolithic Pottery Egg 36
Zigzag Hipster Egg 38
Damask Medallion Egg 40
Forty-eight Triangles Egg 42
Glittery Orange Abstract Egg 44
Fish Scales Egg 46
Gender-reveal Gold Crackable Egg 48
Indian Treasure Egg 50
Winter Star Egg 52
Gold Blocked Egg 54
Colourful Spiders Egg 56
Zebra Stripe Egg 58
Oak-leaf Motif Egg 60
Abstract Lines Egg 62
Confetti Egg 64
Paper Clips Egg 66
Black-and-Red Knitted Pattern Egg 68
Diagonal Geometric Egg 70
Vinegar-etched Brown Egg 72
Teal Twigs Egg 74
Black-and-silver Marked Egg 76
Turquoise and Red Egg 78
Black and Yellow Contrast Egg 80
Teacup Cornflower Egg 82
Simple Organic Pattern Egg 84
Scottish Treasure Egg 86
Blue Vinegar-etched Egg 88
Orange and Lilac Botanical Egg 90
Gold Chevron Egg 92
Blue Polka-dot Egg 94
Swedish Country Egg 96
Hot Pink and Black Flower Egg 98
Herringbone Egg 100
Pink Stripes Egg 102
Green Grass Egg 104
Nativity Scene Egg 106
Black-and-white Snowflake Egg 108
Vinegar-etched Egg 110

Chapter 2: Showcasing Your Egg Art and Techniques 112

Showcasing Your Egg Art 114
Techniques 121
Cleaning the Eggs 121
How to Hold an Egg 121
How to Blow Out an Egg 122
Using a Stylus 123
Filling the Hole Before Dyeing 124
Removing the Wax Plug After Dyeing 124
Dyeing the Egg 125
Removing Wax from the Entire Egg 125
Index 126
Credits 128

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