01 February 2020


BC Paperback With flaps, flexi binding

134x165 mm



240 pages

Search Press

Cute Hand Lettering

by Cindy Guentert-Baldo

This fun book from lettering guru Cindy Guentert-Baldo is packed full of inspiration for cute hand lettering. There are easy-to-follow instructions, practice pages and a huge range of cute lettering styles to choose from, making it suitable for beginners as well as more seasoned journallers.

Whether you want a bulky or a romantic look, sans-serif simplicity or a touch of flair, bubble letters, bouncy letters or drop shadows, flourishes or fun fill-ins, there’ll be something in this book that’s just perfect for the style you’re looking for.

So dive in, and make your planners and journals really stand out from the crowd.

Book Contents

Chapter One: Just Start
Meet Cindy!
How to use this book
What is lettering?
Benefits of lettering in your journal
Materials I use
The importance of daily practice
Get out of your head
Handwriting temperature

Chapter Two: Your Handwriting
Making friends with your handwriting
Cursive—connecting letters
Improving your handwriting
Playing with your handwriting
Small changes, big impact

Chapter Three: Super Simple Lettering Styles
Make it bulky
Easy romantic printing
Sans-serif simplicity
Adding the serif
Thicken the downstroke (faux-calligraphy)
Fun fill ins
Add some flair
Numbers and symbols

Chapter Four: Taking it to the Next Level
Blocking it out
Bubble letters five ways
Drop (shadow) it like it's hot
Dress your bubble letters up
How to overlap bubble letters
From straight to bouncy lettering—printing
From straight to bouncy lettering—cursive
Numbers and symbols

Chapter Five: Let's Advance!
Adding flourishes
Decorating your letters
Spacing and layout
Numbers and symbols

Chapter Six: Using Lettering in your Journal
Tips for deciding what lettering to use
Journal lettering cheat sheet
Pairing lettering styles together
Filling in space
Working small
Lists of ideas for journal lettering

Chapter Seven: What Do I Do Next?
Moving forward
Handwriting temperature

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