01 March 2020


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



144 pages

Search Press

A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour with Mixed Media

by Alison C. Board

Adding other mediums to your watercolour paintings is a fantastic way to take your work in new, more exciting directions. However, the vast array of painting mediums and materials on the market can be daunting, especially for the beginner. This book introduces the reader to the range of media that is available, explains briefly and clearly how to use the materials and provides six step-by-step projects and inspirational finished paintings to encourage you to take a definitive leap into the exciting world of mixed media art.

Author Alison C Board covers a multitude of topics in her work, and this book features flowers, animal portraits, dancers in motion, cityscapes and landscapes. She explores how to combine wet and dry media, and how to create vibrant collages from man-made and natural found objects.

There are no mistakes in mixed-media artwork, and Alison encourages the reader to be unafraid and embrace the experimental.

Book Contents

Hellebore Step-by-step project
Dry media
Riley Step-by-step project
Wet media
Naomi Step-by-step project
Found objects
Natural found objects
Man-made found objects
Poppies & Physalis Step-by-step project
Collage and text
The West Side Step-by-step project
Surfaces and textures
Towards Hod Hill Step-by-step project
Taking inspiration

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