17 February 2020


BC Paperback

190x235 mm



208 pages

Search Press

Embroidery on Knitting

by Britt-Marie Christoffersson

Prepare to be amazed by textile artist and pattern designer Britt-Marie Christoffersson’s fantastic work and learn how to use embroidery to give knitted garments a new lease of life. Using just 18 simple stitches such as running stitch, couching, blanket stitch and rya knots, Britt-Marie creates over 250 patterns that will inspire you to even more creativity.

Embroidery on knitwork can involve knitting a new piece to be embroidered, but it can also be interesting to revamp existing clothing. Even commercially produced sweaters, hats and mittens can be embellished with a needle and yarn.

If you wish to embroider knitted garments you can cover the whole item with stitches, or let a few strategically placed details work as a decoration. If there is a hole in the garment you can cover it with embroidery. Using the explanatory drawings in the book, you can renew and alter exactly as you wish. Any knitted item can be enhanced, and if you tire of the embroidery you can simply unstitch it!

260 beautiful stitched items are shown, all displaying amazingly different effects that can be achieved on knitting with just a needle and a length of wool.

Book Contents

5 Introduction
19 Threading across knitwork
27 Running stitch
39 Woven running stitch
51 Horizontal running stitch fastened with vertical backstitch
61 Vertical running stitch fastened with one or more stitches
71 Backstitch
83 Couching stitch
101 Tightly whipped running stitch
107 Whipped wheel stitch
115 Alternating stem stitch
123 Rya knots combined with stem stitch
131 Corded single Brussels stitch 
139 Four-sided stitch
147 Blanket stitch
155 Woven band on parallel running stitches
169 Woven patterns
183 French knots
188 Seam stitches and appliqué
204 Conceptual embroidery on knitting

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