12 March 2020


BC Paperback including 32 pages bound in tracings

216x280 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes

Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Mountain Scenes in Watercolour

by Lesley Linley

This complete beginner’s guide to painting mountain scenes in watercolour is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time. Each of the 32 quick-and-easy exercises takes no more than 30 minutes and will teach you how to use a new technique, or paint a different aspect of a mountain landscape  including skies, moorland, distant trees, rock, stone, and rushing water. The exercises are all worked at postcard size ideal for a 6 x 4 inch (A6) watercolour pad  and actual-size outlines are included on tracing paper to get you started.

The book is broken down into eight chapters covering all you need to know to create stunning mountain scenes in watercolour, and finishes with three full-size paintings for you to try out your new-found skills; these complete paintings also have an accompanying actual-size tracing.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Basic painting equipment 8
Know your materials 10
Skies 18
Moorland, foliage & trees 28
Atmosphere & perspective 38
Rock and stone 50
Water 60
Snow 70
Weather, light & mood 80
Snow Scene 90
Mountain and Loch 92
Waterfall 94
Index 96

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