29 January 2020


BC Paperback Rounded corners

164x236 mm



128 pages

Search Press

10 Step Drawing

10 Step Drawing: People

by Justine Lecouffe

If you love drawing people but don’t know where to start, this is the book for you! 10 Step Drawing: People will help you turn simple lines or shapes into lifelike images in just 10 steps. There are instructions for the individual elements of the face and body, as well as complete faces and people. With advice on basic equipment and colouring techniques, each drawing includes colour palettes so readers can easily find the right tones for their drawing.

Learning to draw has never been so simple!

Book Contents

Introduction 6
How to use this book 7
Facial Features & Faces
Front view
Side view
Female faces 44
Male faces 56
Three-quarter view
Female faces 68
Male faces 78
Body Parts & Figures
Female proportions 84
Male proportions 86
Easy standing woman 104
Standing party girl 106
Chic standing woman 108
Crouching woman 110
Sitting girl 112
Cool female pose 114
Easy standing boy 116
Male standing pose 118
Skater boy 120
Male guitar player 122
Perching man 124
Leaning man 126
About the artist 128
Acknowledgements 128

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