01 December 2019


BB Hardback

254x203 mm



224 pages

Stackpole Books

Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Color and Weave Effects

by Tom Knisely

"Lace Weaves" are best described as loom controlled warp and weft floats on a Plain Weave ground fabric. The term "Colour and Weave Effects" refers to a careful arrangement of light and dark coloured threads in the warp and weft that weave into beautiful patterns. Log Cabin is probably the best known colour and weave pattern. Combining Huck with Colour and Weave orders opened the door to astonishing pattern possibilities. He then came up with four colour arrangements: Light and Dark, Complimentary Colours, Monochromatic, and Triadic colours. With 144 patterns and four colour themes for each pattern, that's 576 patterns. Each pattern includes the full draft and a woven sample for reference.

Tom also includes full details for five projects that are perfect for weaving Huck: dish towels, mug rugs, baby blanket, and two scarves.

Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Colour and Weave Effects is an essential resource that you will turn to for inspiration and guidance again and again.

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