01 December 2019


BC Paperback

203x254 mm



190 pages

Rowman & Littlefield

Hot Metal

by Wayne E. Potratz

This book, in it sixth edition, has evolved over the years into a complete guide to the metalcasting of sculpture. Potratz (Ironwain) has taken his years of knowledge gained practicing and teaching his craft and is now sharing it all in this easy-to-use book. Contents include: Introduction to Metal Casting, Recommended Tools and Equipment, Safety, Pattern Making, Sprueing and Venting Wax, Intro to Molding, Melting and Pouring Metal, Chasing, and Patina of Metals. Includes a comprehensive bibliography; an appendix filled with useful conversions, charts, recipes, and cupola/cupolette furnace building specs; detailed index; and much more.

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