15 May 2020


BC Paperback

215x254 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 More Small Paintings

by Mark Daniel Nelson

Whether you’re a weekend painter or a painting-a-day kind of painter, there are plenty of wonderful challenges here to keep you occupied and build your skills. Mark Daniel Nelson’s first book proved so popular that he has written a sequel. Old fans and new followers will love this practical, how-to paint acrylics book. All the subjects you could possibly want are served up here and presented in the same thoughtful and thorough way in five simple steps.

Book Contents

Chapter One: Introduction To Materials And Techniques
Choosing a surface
Acrylic paint
Colour and value
Basic design principles
Transferring your drawing
Displaying your work

Projects will include:
1. Basic paint application: Door
2. Mixing tints and shades: Envelope
3. Opaque layering: T-shirt
4. Simple shadows: Child's chalk drawing
5. Using simplified shapes: Toy duck
6. Exploring brush size: Pastry with sprinkles
7. Introduction to Massing: Daisy
8. Textured layering: Red barn
9. Simple reflections: Hot-air balloon
10. Understanding fabric: Theatre curtain
11. Painting a rough surface: Brick wall
12. Painting wood: Artist’s palette
13. Combining rough and smooth surfaces: Egg on toast
14. Painting negative space: Swan
15. Expressive brushstrokes: Banana peel
16. Hatching brushstrokes: Thistle
17. Combining large, medium, and small shapes: Paintbrush
18. Introduction to cubes: Butter and knife
19. Introduction to ellipses: Pineapple slice
20. Introduction to spheres: Pincushion
21. Introduction to cylinders: Pancakes
22. Introduction to cones: Birthday hat
23. Light and shadow on a cube: Sandwich
24. 'Slicing' a cylinder: Cake
25. Intermediate cubes: Building block giraffe
26. Combining a sphere, ellipse, and cone: Ice-cream cone
27. Light, shadow, and value: Paper bag puppet
28. Reflected light: Takeout carton
29. Subtle drybrush layering: Misty mountains
30. Luminosity: Iced tea
31. Translucency: Teabag
32. Transparency: Butterscotch candy
33. Luminosity and transparency: Lightbulb
34. Luminous glazing: Hazy city

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