02 April 2020


BB Hardback

226x254 mm



128 pages


Mixed Media Landscapes and Seascapes

by Chris Forsey

Artist and teacher Chris Forsey gives a useful and insightful book on using mixed media ever growing in popularity to create stunning landscapes and seascapes. It concentrates on combining water-based media watercolour, pastels, crayons, ink and acrylics which is an exciting and often unpredictable way to paint. It allows the artist to create textures and effects that can exhilarate the painting surface with unusual serendipitous washes, smears and drifts of colour and tone.

The reader is encouraged to experiment with media, while instruction and step-by-step demonstrations are given to show how to get the best from two, three or four different media working together. The introduction helps the reader determine what they wish to achieve in a painting, and then the book is divided into chapters concentrating on one of the media combinations: wax crayon and watercolour; oil pastel, watercolour and acrylic; oil pastel and acrylics; oil pastel, watercolour, ink and acrylics.

It has plenty of step-by-step demonstrations on how to combine the materials, with examples of completed paintings. The book offers the reader an array of ways to improve their landscape and seascape painting, to take it to a new level.

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