19 May 2020


BC Paperback

190x246 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Carve Your Clay

by Hilda Carr

Focusing on the pottery surface, Carve Your Clay covers a wide range of decorative carving techniques, from piercing, etching, inlaying to sgraffito, faceting, and fettling.

The techniques are taught through 20 projects in Hilda’s signature style, with clear, step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instructions to achieve beautiful results. With easy guides on how to create form as well as glazing and firing, this is a comprehensive guide suitable for new and practising potters alike.

Book Contents


Meet Hilda

Chapter One: Introduction to Carving

Chapter Two: Tools

Chapter Three: Inspiration

Chapter Four: The Projects

1. Serving plate sgraffito
2. Sink tidy  Mishima inlay
3. Jug  faceting
4. Candle holder  piercing
5. Hanging planter  fettling
6. Utensil jar  carving agateware
7. Bottle vase  combing
8. Serving tray  carving and impressing
9. Wall tiles  geometric carving
10. Noodle bowl  carving during throwing
11. Mug  faceting
12. Mini cactus planter  sgraffito on glaze
13. Planter  carving
14. Cylinder vase  sgraffito
15. Serving bowl  organic carving
16. “Initial” coaster  sgraffito using printed template
17. Cup  multi-layered carving of a slip-cast form
18. Stem vase  etching
19. Salad bowl  relief carving
20. Pie dish  wire cutting


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