22 October 2020


BC Paperback

155x215 mm



64 pages

Search Press

Pocket Guide to Calligraphy

by Joy Daniels & Nicola Dunn

In this book, learn the basic know-how and techniques for traditional calligraphy through four classic alphabets: Foundational Hand, Italic Hand, Uncial Hand and one form of Gothic Hand. These styles are essential first steps into the world of lettering, and will form invaluable grounding in your calligraphic journey.

Become familiar with what pens and papers to use, pen angles, pen nibs, key terminology, stroke directions, letter spacing and more to achieve classic letter design all within a handy, pocket-sized book.

Originally produced by William Mitchell, manufacturers of premium calligraphy products.

Book Contents


Brief history of calligraphy

Getting started
- Paper
- Pen angle
- Nib widths
- Example guide lines
- Spacing

Foundational Hand
- Foundational Hand - Key strokes and shapes
- Foundational - Capitals
- Foundational hand - Lowercase

Italic Hand
- Italic Hand - Key strokes and shapes
- Italic Hand - Capitals
- Italic Hand - Lowercase

Uncial Hand
- Uncial Hand - Key strokes and shapes
- Uncial Hand - Capitals
- Uncial Hand - Lowercase

A Gothic Hand
- A Gothic Hand - Key strokes and shapes
- A Gothic Hand - Capitals
- A Gothic Hand - Lowercase

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