11 June 2020


BB Hardback

196x150 mm



112 pages


Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

by Hazel Soan

One of the best art teachers in the world teaches you how to get to grips with watercolour landscapes in an afternoon. Hazel Soan is a hugely successful painter in her own right but also an outstanding teacher and author of art books, which have introduced the wonders of art to a generation of amateur artists.

In this book she reveals the basics of watercolour landscapes that can get any beginner started with lots of simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations. That lifelong ambition to paint somewhere that is important to you is possible.

Chapter 1 covers Creating Space, including depth and distance, 'game of tones', perspective, warm and cool colours, background, middle ground and foreground. Chapter 2 is Composition and Focus with guidance on inspiration, design, focus, leading lines, and figures in the landscape. Describing Light is Chapter 3 with techniques on sources of light, angle of light, light and shadows, and seasons. Chapter 4 is Colours of the Landscape, mixing watercolours, transparent and opaque, choosing colours, cool or warm blue, mixing greens, warm reds and yellows. Watercolour Painting Techniques in Chapter 5 include painting 'en plein air', brushwork, wet on dry, wet into wet etc., laying a wash and creating texture. She also covers specific landscape themes skies, foliage, forests, fields, grasses, gardens, rivers and lakes, mountains, seascapes, wilderness, desert, urban landscapes, panoramas and sunsets.

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