01 July 2021


BB Hardback hardback case containing 1 x 128-page PB instruction book and 1 x envelope for photocopiable practice sheets

216x280 mm



128 pages

Search Press

The Joy of Modern Calligraphy

by Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee first picked up a calligraphy pen when she decided to make her own stationery for her wedding. For her, it is now a way of life, her career and what Joyce calls a calligraventure.

In this instructive and inspiring book, Joyce introduces modern calligraphy, including the tools you need and how to use them, and the various techniques and methods for creating beautiful artwork. Soon you will gain the confidence to embark on creative projects of your own, including handwritten envelopes, gift tags and an elegant monogram.

To help you practise your handwriting skills, the book is accompanied by a separate set of photocopiable practice sheets, contained within an attractive hardback folder. 

However, this is more than just an instructional guide; it encourages you to find joy in committing your thoughts to paper. Joyce believes that calligraphy is not just about perfecting the strokes, but about patience, concentration and slowing down to be mindful of the moment. Creativity is at the heart of us all; it simply needs to be unlocked, nurtured and given an outlet.

This book is everything calligraphy should be: classic, stylish, creative and thought-provoking. Fall in love with the art of handwritten lettering as you unleash your own creativity on the page.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
What is modern calligraphy? 10
Calligra-life lessons 22
Tools & materials 30
Techniques & theories 44

Gold rings on handwritten envelopes94
Glamorous gold acrylic gift tags98
Full circle artwork102
Colour splash artwork106
Digital monogram110
DIY plant labels114
Simple banner118
Using coloured paper122

Calligraphy FAQs 126
Index 128
Practice sheets

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