31 May 2021


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272 pages

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Modern Mending

by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Bring new life to your old clothes and fabrics with this fun, easy-to-follow guide to modern mending. 

Across the globe, we send tonnes of clothing to landfills each year. In fact, clothing consumption in the UK and US is one of the highest in the world. But the good news is that mending is trending, and it's never been easier to repair and reinvent your favourite clothes.

Inspired by the slow fashion movement that's taking the sewing world by storm, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald has created a comprehensive guide to repairing your own clothes in a way that combines creativity and sustainability. In Modern Mending, she demystifies mending and shares step-by-step instructions for a range of techniques, including stitching, darning, patching, needle felting and machine darning. Furthermore, there's an invaluable "Troubleshooting" section at the end of each tutorial, as well as a "Quick-fix" section for buttons, snags, ladders and zippers, so no stone is left unturned in your mending process!

So next time you tear your favourite jeans or find a hole in your jumper, think twice before throwing them away. With Modern Mending, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed to rebel against fast fashion, be less wasteful and more sustainable for years to come.

‘My wish for this book is to share my love of mending with you, and to give you the knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence to mend just about anything. Mendy-problem-solving is such a fantastic skill to have; why not share what you've learned with others and reduce your environmental impact?’

Book Contents



Helpful Tips

Thoughts Before Mending

Tools of the Trade

Fabric 101

This Goes With That

- Stitching
- Patching
- Darning
- Needle Felting
- Machine Darning
- Buttons, Zippers, Ladders, Snags + Shoes

Case Studies
- Amanda’s dress
- Anna’s jeans
- Austen’s shirt
- Ben’s jacket
- Carolyn’s oven mitts
- Chilli’s bandana
- Clare's jacket
- Emily W’s jacket
- Emily O’s dress
- Emily O’s shirt
- Emma F’s tea towel
- Emma M’s jeans
- Erin’s shirt
- Guy’s jumper
- Hilary’s shirt (aka Large Marge)
- Jess’s jumper
- Kate’s cardigan
- Kylie’s jumpsuit
- Leta’s dress no. 1
- Leta’s dress no. 2
- Louise’s jumper
- Mandy’s tea towel
- Matt’s boxer shorts
- Matt’s pyjama pants
- Natalie’s cardigan

Modern Menders
- Aleksandra Zdravković
- Eline Medbøe
- Hikaru Noguchi
- Miriam Dym
- Nina & Sonya Montenegro
- Roberta Cummings
- Tom Van Deijnen

Care: Prevention & Maintenance

Share the Love & Increase Your Impact

Should I Redo it?

Mending for Others & Valuing Your Time

Resources: Where to Find Mending Supplies

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