30 April 2021


BC Paperback

190x246 mm



128 pages

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Modern Guide to Textured Crochet

by Lee Sartori

Learn how to create tactile textured crochet for making wonderful items for the home and wardrobe with this collection of 40 versatile stitches!

Modern Guide to Textured Crochet is perfect for the experienced beginner or intermediate level crocheters with some extra ideas aimed at more advanced makers. Expand your crochet know-how as you move from basic techniques, through an array of fascinating new stitches designed to introduce inspiring dimensional effects into your crochet work.

Each chapter guides you through a new stitch or stitch progression with photos, detailed instructions, and diagrams, alongside a variety of textured crochet projects to put your new skills to the test! Time-saving tips and troubleshooting solutions are provided throughout the book and will have you crocheting the simple but on-trend projects in no time at all.

A comprehensive collection of stitches, patterns, and projects, Modern Guide to Textured Crochet allows you to jump straight in, have fun, master new techniques, and take your crochet creations to the next level!

Book Contents

Getting started 7

An introduction to textured crochet 10
Bobble Stitch 12, Popcorn Stitch 14, Double Crochet Cluster Stitch 16, Treble Crochet Cluster Stitch 18, Double Treble Crochet Cluster Stitch 20, Puff Stitch 22, Shell Stitch 24, Picot Stitch 26, Project - Emmy’s Pillow 28

Spring 30
Tulip Stitch 32, Embossed Stitch 34, Bullion Stitch 36, Lilac Stitch 38, Branches and Vines Stitch 40, Butterfly Stitch 43, Spring Cable 46, Crab Stitch 50, Project - Joanie Shawl 52

Summer 54
Ice Cream Cone Stitch 56, Lemon Peel Stitch 58, Strawberry Stitch 60, Summer Shell Stitch 63, Rose Stitch 66, Diamond Waffle Stitch 69, Summer Cable 72, Modified Puff Stitch 74, Project - Tanya Ice-Cream Tote 76

Autumn 80
Acorn Stitch 82, Berry Stitch 84, Jasmine Stitch 86, Basketweave Stitch 88, Loose Leaves Stitch 90, Fall Cable 93, Houndstooth Stitch 96, Coffee Cup Stitch 98, Project - Carla Fall Cowl 100

Winter 102
2x2 Rib Stitch 104, Spike Puff Stitch 106, Waffle Stitch 108, Frosted Bobble Stitch 110, Feather, Stitch 112, Winter Cable 114, Embossed Holly Stitch 116, Snowflake Stitch 119, Project - Aurora Frosted Beanie 122

Index 126

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