31 January 2021


BC Paperback spiral bound

216x279 mm



128 pages

The Electric Quilt Company

EQ8 Lessons for Beginners

by The Electric Quilt Company

This book is perfect for the new Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) quilting design software user. The step-by-step lessons guide the reader through the basic tasks of drawing blocks, importing fabric scans and designing quilts. Lessons are easy to follow and cover all the basics of the software. Print patterns and yardage charts, learn to make quilt labels, design traditional and modern quilts, and have fun along the way! 

EQ8 has a fresh new look so this book is ideal for owners of previous versions of EQ. The exercises will steer the user through EQ8, demonstrating new features and uncovering old features that were hidden in previous versions of EQ. This is a must-have book for any EQ8 user!

Book Contents

Introduction: Getting Started with EQ8

Chapter 1: Learning the EQ8 Basics
Lesson 1: Basics of the Quilt Worktable, Lesson 2: Basics of the Block Worktable, Lesson 3: Basics of the Image Worktable

Chapter 2: Quilt Worktable
Lesson 1: Understanding Layers in EQ, Lesson 2: Creating a Custom Quilt Layout from Scratch, Lesson 3: Creating a Custom Quilt from a Block, Lesson 4: Making a Quilt Label, Lesson 5: Using Pre-designed Quilt Labels, Lesson 6: Making a T-Shirt Quilt

Chapter 3: Block Worktable
Lesson 1: PolyDraw Basics for Pieced Blocks, Lesson 2: Eight Point Star Grid and the Polyline Tool, Lesson 3: Drawing Arcs with the PolyArc Tool, Lesson 4: Drawing Basics for Applique Blocks, Lesson 5: Applique Motif vs. Applique Block

Chapter 4: Important to Know Yet Just for Fun
Lesson 1: Creating Blocks with Serendipity, Lesson 2: Searching for Blocks by Categeory, Lesson 3: Searching for Fabrics by Color, Lesson 4: Understanding Rotary Cutting Charts in EQ, Lesson 5: Creating Your Own Default Project, Homework


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