26 August 2021


BC Paperback with flaps

260x260 mm



208 pages

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The Complete Book of Patchwork, Quilting & Appliqué

by Linda Seward

A revised and expanded edition of a long-standing classic, this expansive book is the clearest and most comprehensive handbook for appliqué, patchwork and quilting available.

This seminal reference guide remains the go-to masterwork for crafters, who will find hundreds of patchwork, appliqué and quilting techniques explained clearly and simply.

The techniques range from fundamentals such as cutting fabrics and hand sewing; to advanced special effects and complex techniques like eight-seam joins. All are explained through more than 1,000 step-by-step illustrations, patterns and templates. The techniques range from the traditional including Amish quilting patterns and Seven-and-Nine-patch patchwork to more unusual, like yo-yos. The book also contains glossaries of terms, making this perfect for both beginner and expert.

Over 200,000 copies of the previous edition have been sold worldwide.

Praise for The Complete Book of Patchwork, Quilting & Appliqué:

"Linda Seward’s book has been the essential volume on every quilter’s bookshelf since its publication in 1987 and has never been bettered. This new edition updates the original techniques and embraces the current developments of the craft. Its place on that bookshelf is assured for many years to come." Lynne Edwards MBE, quiltmaker and teacher

"A definitive choice for the beginner and one worth investigating for a more experienced quilter" British Patchwork & Quilting

"This is an amazing book for those embarking on a quilting journey and even for seasoned quilters. The illustrations and directions are easy to understand and great for the visual learner. As a quilting teacher I would highly recommend this book. The number of techniques alone will keep the reader up at night! Rock on Linda Seward!"  Kim Rudd, quiltmaker and teacher

"Linda Seward’s guide has always been my go-to bible for every question I have about quilting. I didn’t think a new edition could be any better, but this refresh is even more inspiring. Not only has she updated technical aspects (adding sections on fusible web appliqué and free-motion quilting, for example), she has chosen spectacular recent quilts to illustrate the text. While marvelling over them, I was reminded that quilting is an ever-evolving art that brings joy and satisfaction. Linda's book captures that perfectly, and leads us through how to do it ourselves." - Tracy Chevalier, novelist and quiltmaker

Book Contents

Preface 6

The basics of quilting 8
Fabric and colour 12
Preparation of fabrics 17
Equipment 18
Templates and marking fabrics 20
Cutting fabrics 22
Rotary cutting 24
Hand sewing 26
Hand stitches 27
Machine sewing 28
Machine stitches 29
Pressing 30
Perfect patchwork 32
Patchwork designs 43
Hand piecing 48
Machine piecing 49
Drafting patchwork patterns 50
Joining patchwork pieces 51
Eight-seam join 53
Setting-in 54
Curved seams 55
Amish patchwork 56
Cathedral window 58
Crazy patchwork 60
Double wedding ring 62
Folded star 64
Foundation piecing 66
Gathered patchwork 68
Hexagons 70
Log cabin 72
Puff patchwork 76
Seminole patchwork 78
Shell patchwork 82
String patchwork 84
Strip piecing 86
Yo-yo 87
Special effects with fabric 88
Patchwork patterns 90
The art of appliqué 96
Appliqué designs 105
Preparation for basic appliqué 110
Hand appliqué 112
Machine appliqué 114
Fusible web appliqué 116
Broderie perse 118
Cut-and-sew appliqué 119
Hawaiian appliqué 120
Inlay appliqué 122
Reverse appliqué 124
Mola & Pa Ndau appliqué 126
Shadow appliqué 127
Stained-glass appliqué 128
Special effects with appliqué 130
Appliqué patterns 132
Quality quilting 136
Quilting patterns 145
Preparation for quilting 150
Quilting designs 152
Hand quilting 153
Machine stitching 155
Free-motion quilting 156
Quilt-as-you-go 158
Corded quilting 160
Sashiko 162
Tied quilting 163
Trapunto 164
Special effects 166
Quilts and other projects 168
Basic quilt sets 172
Estimating yardage 177
Joining quilt blocks 178
Borders 180
Blocking 182
Binding 183
Facings 185
Unusual finishes 186
Signing and hanging 187
Care of quilt 188
Small projects 189
Clothing 192

Footnotes 196
Featured quilt artists 197
AZ of quilting terms 198
Bibliography 202
Index 206

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