28 June 2021


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Abstract Painting

by Petra Thölken

Petra Thölken’s practical and inspiring book examines what it means to make an abstract work of art. She encourages the reader to consider the subjects of composition, planes, and subject and expression, while also examining the more practical topics of colour theory and colour mixing, how to work with pigment, canvas and priming, spatula techniques and working with unconventional backgrounds. All these elements build up into a vocabulary of visual pointers from which the reader can begin to explore their own adventurousness and creativity.

Through the 20 beautiful projects that Petra demonstrates, step by step, readers will learn how to create texture, work with unusual tools and create soft transitions or high contrast. Her clarity of thought and inspirational advice will open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing your paintings and achieving the self-expression that leads to visually exciting and technically innovative work. For some of the projects, there are links to Petra's popular YouTube videos, demonstrating how she created the individual paintings.

Book Contents

10 Pigment
12 Acrylic
13 Binding agent
14 Traditional colour theory
16 Mixing in practice
17 Making pigment paste
18 Composition
19 Planes
20 Subject and expression
22 Brushes
24 Unconventional tools
26 Canvas
27 Priming
28 What is glazing?
29 Spatula techniques
30 Spatula: Exercise 1
32 Spatula: Exercise 2
34 Texture in the picture
36 Emphasizing texture: Exercise 1
38 Emphasizing texture: Exercise 2
40 Sponge
42 Drawing implements
43 Gold plating
44 Unconventional backgrounds
45 Your colours

48 My Japanese Water Lilies
52 Golden Skyline
56 Patina Allure
60 The Golden Rectangle
64 Creative Board
68 What Good Can I Do Myself Today?
72 Give Colour Some Room
76 Inspiring Colour Field Painting
80 Days Like This
84 Wandering into the Distance
88 Flower Interplay
92 Summer Courtyard Whispers
96 Garden Art From Long Ago
100 True Colours
104 Silence is Golden
108 Sailing in a Storm
112 Dreamy Green
116 Overland Cornfield
120 Expressive Abstract
124 Abstract Colour Play

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