24 January 2022


BB Hardback with jacket

216x280 mm



160 pages

Search Press

Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour

by Jean Haines

From domestic cats and dogs to wild lions and giraffes, best-selling artist and author Jean Haines shows the reader how to bring a vitality of life to their animal artwork.

Known for the vibrant colours and exciting, innovative painting techniques that she brings to her work, Jean's latest book invites beginners and more experienced artists alike to share a journey through painting animals from around the world.

Painting animals requires a delicacy of touch. Jean starts with simple monochrome artworks and progresses on to more vivid paintings that incorporate exciting textural effects. Using lessons from nature to help bring the reader closer to the animals, Jean shows how to portray the animal's spirit and bring vitality to the reader's artwork.

Suitable for all abilities, from first-time painters to experienced artists, Jean shares all the materials and unique techniques she uses, and provides a wealth of expert tips and advice inspired by the animals themselves, helping the reader to progress and find their own path.

Scattered throughout the book are dozens of Jean’s wonderful paintings, showcasing a veritable Noah's Ark of different animals to inspire the reader on their artistic journey. 

Book Contents

Author’s welcome 6, Introduction 8, Igniting the passion 10, The bear necessities 14, Getting started: Simple studies 30, Step-by-step Elephant in monochrome 34, Learning from animals 38, Step-by-step Hedgehog 44, Inspiration from nature 48, For the love of dogs 52, Step-by-step Italian Spinone: Humphrey 64, Feline fine 68, Step-by-step Socks 74, A walk on the wild side 80, Down under 94, Step-by-step Sleepy Koala 96, Under the sea 106, Step-by-step Starfish 108, Step-by-step Octopus 116, A mammoth task 122, Seeing double 132, Be unique: sheep 138, Bugs and butterflies 144, Creative art 152, Magical interpretations 158, Index 160

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