31 October 2021


BC Paperback

216x285 mm



128 pages

Search Press

10 Step Watercolour

10 Step Watercolour: Birds

by Eleanor Longhurst

Learn how to paint birds in watercolour without even trying!

Using a simple ten-step process, learn how to draw a basic outline starting with simple shapes, then add washes of colour and fine details to complete your work.

Arranged in three chapters based on skill level, this book features 25 lovely projects, each showing you how to paint a bird in ten steps. There are paint swatches for every bird, showing you the colours you need to mix for each step and the finished painting serves as a reference to guide you. It couldn't be easier! Also included is a useful techniques section at the beginning, and clever painting tips from the author throughout the book.

With birds as diverse as an Atlantic puffin, a barn owl, a hummingbird and a bald eagle, there is plenty to choose from and practise with, to develop your skills.

Book Contents

Introduction 6

How to Use this Book 8
Using Watercolours 10
Atlantic Puffin 20
Toco Toucan 24
American Flamingo 28
Rockhopper Penguin 32
Mute Swan 36
Mallard 40
Grey Heron 44
Blue-and-Yellow Macaw 48
Blackbird 52

American Robin 58
Northern Cardinal 62
Goldcrest 66
Eurasian Tree Sparrow 70
Bald Eagle 74
Red Jungle Fowl 78
Long-tailed Tit 82
Pigeon 86
Great Tit 90

American Kestrel 96
Barn Owl 100
Eurasian Bullfinch 104
Eurasian Hoopoe 108
Blue Jay 112
Hummingbird 116
Kingfisher 120

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