30 November 2021


BC Paperback

203x254 mm



128 pages


Astrology Embroidery

by Maya Hanisch

Learn to stitch 30 original zodiac and lunar-inspired embroidery patterns!

Through the centuries, people have looked to the night sky for inspiration and guidance. With all the upheaval in the world, looking to the ever-steady stars is more appealing than ever. Hand embroidery also offers a different sort of relief in turbulent times. Taking a moment to unplug and focus on the simple rhythm of stitching colourful images in cloth can have a calming, meditative effect. Astrology Embroidery marries these two sources of calm and clarity allowing the customer to reflect on the wonders and wisdom of the galaxy they hold in their embroidery hoop.

The book sets itself apart from other pattern books and generic designs found online with the original artwork of renowned fine artist Maya Hanisch, who makes her textile design debut as she envisions the signs of the zodiac and other celestial wonders as embroidered motifs. These designs, from a fiery proud Leo lion, to the ever-changing phases of the moon, interweave Hanisch’s folk art-inspired aesthetic with clean modern lines. The book offers a primer on embroidery techniques, materials, and stitches. Each pattern comes with step-by-step instructions and reference images of the finished project.

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