06 April 2022


BC Paperback with flaps

210x270 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Big Weaving on a Small Loom

by Fiona Daly

This comprehensive guide to weaving big on your frame loom enables you to maximize your little loom to make large projects. Weave long warps up to 2 metres (6.5 feet) on a basic frame loom.

Aimed at both the beginner and the more experienced weaver, Fiona Daly guides you through all you need to know from dressing the loom, how to weave, and extending the warp, to a variety of patterned weave structures and highly textured techniques. These include waffle weave; extra-weft floats and tassels; leno/gauze weave; as well as classic weave structures such as houndstooth; check, and log cabin.

Including project patterns for eight contemporary, big projects for you and for your home, you can make an oversized scarf, a mesh shopping bag, a large wall hanging, a bath mat and textured cushions. Projects are designed using techniques explained in the book, incorporating beautiful, natural materials. Fiona stresses the use of sustainably sourced and native materials, including tips on how to find your local, sustainable yarn producers as well as repurposing existing yarns from second-hand garments and charity shops.

Book Contents


Meet Fiona

Introducing concepts of Slow Textiles, Sustainable Textiles Movement, and the Fibershed Movement.

Chapter One: Your Material Choice

  • Overview of sustainable textiles and the importance of yarn choice
  • Textiles And The Environment
  • The Origin Of Materials
  • Sustainable Yarn Choices.

Chapter Two: Techniques And Tutorials

  • Introduction to the frame loom and instructions on how to make your own loom
  • All About The Loom
  • Techniques.

Chapter Three: Projects

  • For You: Oversized Scarf, Snood, Mesh Shopping Bag
  • For Your Home: Bathroom Mat, Large Wall Hanging, Rectangular Cushion, Bolster Cushion.


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