16 September 2022


BC Paperback With flaps

216x280 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Drawing Animal Portraits in Coloured Pencil

by Lisa Ann Watkins

Draw realistic animal portraits in coloured pencils with award-winning teacher and animal artist, Lisa Ann Watkins.

Animals are an eternally popular subject for artists but how do you capture the character of a much-loved pet or bring a favourite animal to life on the page? Lisa Ann Watkins has made a career of teaching her coloured pencil techniques, and in this magnificent book she will show you how.

A section on materials covers coloured pencils and watercolour pencils, along with supporting tools including PanPastels. This is followed by a chapter about composition and preparation: how to capture the best reference photographs from which to work, along with notes on digital tools that can be used to help with colour choice and tonal values.

Lisa's clear, simple techniques are presented through ten studies that demonstrate how to breathe life into your portraits by focusing on the subject's fur texture, bright eyes, and glossy noses.

They answer, in simple terms, common technical questions from students/followers that cover unique aspects of the medium such as the amount of pressure to use and make beautiful artworks in their own right. A series of five step-by-step full animal portrait projects then follows, ranging from cats and dogs to cows and horses.

Project outlines and reference photos are available to download for free from Bookmarkedhub.com

Book Contents

Introduction 6, Materials 10, Getting started 20, Markmaking 26, Composing your portrait 38

Golden eye: dog 54, Green eye: cat 58, Brown eye: dog 62, Pink nose: cat 66, Black nose: dog 70, Pink nose: dog 74, Clumpy fur 80, Long white fur 84, Short shiny chestnut fur 88, Black curly fur 92

Aura Step-by-step Norwegian Forest Cat 98, Milo Step-by-step Mexican hairless dog 106, SadieStep-by-step Shetland Sheepdog 116, Blue Step-by-step Gypsy Cob horse 126, Brandy Step-by-step Red Angus cow 136

Index 144

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