11 July 2022


BC Paperback lay-flat binding

222x222 mm



160 pages

Search Press

Sketchbook Challenge

by Susan Yeates

Kickstart or develop your own daily sketching habit with 100 simple and thought-provoking prompts from the creator of the 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge.

The huge range of prompts includes found objects such as leaves, clocks, buttons and jewellery, along with more subjective suggestions such as 'something that smells good' and 'items in your pocket', to encourage you to sketch everyday items you may not have considered before.

All of the challenges are suitable for beginners and teaches the principles of drawing and art, with the aim of encouraging people to relax, have fun, and get creative!

At the start of the book Susan provides an introduction explaining why she has written the book, how to use it, and the benefits and reasons for cultivating a daily sketching habit. There is also a simple chapter on tools and materials, followed by a consideration of mindset and creativity when approaching the 100 prompts.

Also included are some warm-up exercises to help awaken the creative brain and inspire you to think more broadly about the prompts that she provides. The book is illustrated throughout with Susan's own responses to the prompts, in a mix of black and white sketches in pen or pencil, plus coloured illustrations, paintings and even collage all intended to add interest, to inspire, and to enliven the reader.

Book Contents

Introduction 6, Why did I write this book? 8, How to use this book 9, Why a daily sketching habit? 10, What is a sketch and what is a habit? 12, Why use sketching prompts? 14, Mindset and creativity 16, Process not perfection 19, Be like a toddler 20, The importance of creative play 22, Positive language 24, There is no wrong 26, Make it easy for yourself 27, Preparation 28, Tools & materials 28

Warm-up exercises 34, Seven days of sketching 48, Sketching prompts 50

Afterword & next steps 158

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