13 January 2023


BC Paperback 2 fold-out template sheets included in a printed envelope on inside back cover

204x260 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Sew Maddie

by Debbie Shore

Welcome to the wonderful world of Maddie! 

Inspired by the Half Yard Sewing Club's favourite heirloom rag doll, join a brand-new Maddie on her adventures throughout the seasons.

Beginning with advice on all the fabrics and tools your need, along with handy techniques, learn how to make your 66cm (26in) tall Maddie doll and her fun wardrobe. Choose from dresses, tops, jeans, shoes and more; the instructions for each are explained clearly with step-by-step photos and tips.

And who can forget Maddie's cuddly (and mischievous) dog, Mo... learn how to make him too!

Every item in Maddie's wardrobe, and Maddie herself, has a pattern printed at full-size on template sheets stored in an envelope at the back of the book. Each garment's template has multiple variations from adding collars to turning trousers into shorts so you can tailor the garments to your own Maddie!

Make a Maddie for your family, so that you or your giftee can love her for years to come.

Book Contents


Getting started
- Fabrics
- Tools for sewing small

- Techniques
- Top tips for sewing small
- How to use the patterns

Making Maddie

Maddie’s wardrobe
- Pyjamas
- Pleated Tunic & Dress
- Apron
- Summer Dress
- Frilly Blouse
- Plain T-shirt
- Trousers
- Regular Shorts
- Turned-up Shorts
- Knickers
- Shoes
- Hooded Jacket
- Romper 
- Reversible Hat
- Dressing Gown
- Party Dress
- Messenger Bag

Mo the dog
- Making Mo the Dog
- Mo’s Leash & Bandanna

Acknowledgements & Index

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