12 August 2022


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Passport to Painting

by Susie West

Stylish retro travel posters bring to mind summer holidays, happiness and fun. Perennially popular as wall art, their strong designs and clean, flat colours are perfect for hobby artists to emulate.

A complete guide to producing your own travel-poster art, this book includes guidance on composing a strong design, selecting colours to make sure your artwork pops, and adding lettering for a picture-perfect finished poster.

Learn to create key poster elements such as clouds, skies, water and architecture, and discover how to add your own stylized lettering. There are six striking international projects to complete, or you can use your newfound skills to celebrate your own home town or treasured place. This book is packed with examples of Susie West’s inspiring artwork and a short history of travel posters.

Since 2015, Susie West has been working her way around the UK recreating the upbeat, retro charm of travel posters in the modern world. This book shares her techniques and secrets for producing fun, charming artwork. Suitable for beginners, this is a great way into art for those who want to develop their skills, or for experienced artists wanting to try something new.

Book Contents

Introduction 6, Before you set out 12, Planning the trip: Designing your own travel poster 18, Getting started 36, Adding lettering 66

Projects 72

Amsterdam Canals 74
Sydney Opera House 80
London Tower Bridge 88
Mount Rainier National Park, USA 96
Lisbon Trams 104
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 112

Onward travel 120, Afterword 124, Lettering templates 125, Index 128

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