10 November 2022


BC Paperback with flaps

190x235 mm



224 pages

Search Press

Simple Origami

by Adeline Klam

This is origami at its most simple and elegant. With a special focus on photographic step-by-step instructions, this book makes it easy to create over 50 different paper projects, from sea lions to sailing boats.

Detailed illustrations show exactly how and where to place your hands at every step and projects are given a difficulty rating for ease of reference. Simply follow the diagrams and watch origami creations of all kinds come to life at your fingertips.

Brought to you from the Parisian boutique of Adeline Klam, this book is full of beautiful designs, fun toys, useful tips and paper surprises of every shape and size.

Book Contents


The Simple Boat 12, The Coaster 14, The Accordion Butterfly 16, The Christmas Wreath 18, The Cat Puppet 20, The Rabbit 22, The Sakura Flower 26, The Flower 28, The Star 32, The Simple Frog 36, The Simple Crab 40, The Swallow 42, The Two Dogs 46, The Lion 50, The Butterfly 54, The Moth 58, The Cube 62, The Swan 66, The Chickadee 70, The Simple Crane 74, The Moorhen 78, The Shell 82, The Tropical Fish 86, The Little Boat 90, The Goldfish 94, The Sailing Boat 98, The Whale 102, The Pig 106, The Rosette 110, The House 114, The Rocket 118, The Crane 122, The Sea Lion 128, The Goldfish 134, The Penguin 138, The Lotus 144, The Dandelion 148, The Plum Blossom 152, The Dinosaur 156, The Crab 160, The Spinning Top 166, The Jumping Frog 172, The Horse 178, The Heart 182, The Medal 188, Father Christmas 192, The Fir Tree 196, The Elephant 200, The Camellia 204, The Little Bell 212, The Windmill 216

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