11 October 2022


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



128 pages

David & Charles

Making Murals

by Clara Wilkinson & Mary West

This practical guide to mural painting explains all the key techniques and design styles you need so that you can get creative in your own home and make your walls unique.

Murals are a fantastic way to breathe new life into an interior or exterior space and this book explains all the essential techniques for getting started including what kind of paints and brushes to use, how to work on various wall surfaces and how to prepare the surface area to get the best results.

Authors Clara Wilkinson and Mary West, outline the practicalities you need to consider when you are planning a mural such as the level of light and space, where to find inspiration, how to use colour and different styles of painting. The authors explore various techniques for transferring from paper onto a wall or ceiling including the traditional grid method and their own innovative ‘doodle grid’ method.

Different painting styles are explored using step-by-step photography and instructions, with advice on how to combine different techniques to create stunning results. Each of these projects is based on a particular theme including Chinoisserie, graphic botanical, celestial, tropical jungle, linear abstract, florals and a painterly abstract design. Just choose your favourite and get started!

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