10 February 2023


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



96 pages

Search Press

Modern Resin Jewellery

by Sara Naumann

Be impressed by the ease and versatility of resin jewellery making.

Building on the success of her first book, well-known crafter Sara Naumann provides over 50 new projects that are modern and straightforward to replicate. She demonstrates how simple and quick resin jewellery is to make, using minimal equipment and readily available products. All relevant safety information is included, along with a troubleshooting section.

The technique is very easy: simply mix the two-part resin together and pour into a mould, bezel or pendant. Sara uses pre-made, inexpensive moulds in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, hairpins and bracelets are all achievable and look professional.

You can add numerous items to the resin to create different effects. Paper or foil inserts, for example an old photo or map, can provide a background for bezels of varying shapes and sizes, or make your own custom background by spraying or stencilling your own designs onto paper. You can also immerse various items in the resin before it cures, such as dried flowers, glitter, sequins, watch parts and gemstones, or use dyes and coloured inks to personalize. 

Create a broad range of fresh, stylish projects to make your own bespoke wearables or fabulous gifts.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Getting started 8
All about resin 10
Supplies needed 12
Mixing and pouring 14
Troubleshooting 16
Jewellery with bezels 18
Jewellery findings 22
Beads and beading 26
Washi tape and rub-ons 27
Bespoke backgrounds 28
The Projects
Paper Inserts 38
Patterned paper 40, Handmade paper 41, Found paper 42, Luminous layers paper 44, Rice paper 45, Washi tape 46, Rub-on transfers 47, Painted & foiled paper 48, Painted paper 49
Colourizing with liquid 50
Opaque epoxy pigment 52, Crystal tints 53, Alcohol ink 54, Resin dye 56
Colourizing with powder 58
Resin powder 60, Metal powder 62, Perfect pearls pigment powder 64, Shimmer shakers 65
3-Dimensional Inclusions 66
Embossing powder 68, Fine glitter 69, Sand quartz aggregate 70, Watch parts 71, Mica 72, Botanicals 73, Opals 74, Chunky glitter 75, Gilding flake 77
Resin coating 78
Quick cure clay 80, Cement 81, Metal 82, Casting resin 83
Resin with moulds 84
Moulds 86, Moulds with glitter 87, Layered moulds 88, Floating moulds 91, Small moulds 90, Bead moulds 92, Cylinder moulds 93, Sphere moulds 94, Bauble moulds 95
Index 96

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