10 November 2022


BC Paperback Flexi with flaps

216x280 mm



176 pages

Search Press

The Innovative Artist

The Innovative Artist: The Art of Pyrography

by Cherry Ferris

Pyrography is the art of burning a design into wood using a heated metallic point.

Most books on the market take a fairly traditional approach to the subject, limited to using pure burning onto a range of wooden surfaces. The Art of Pyrography goes far beyond this. Cherry Ferris takes the subject to new heights, incorporating mixed media, unusual supports and innovative techniques to elevate the craft to an artform.

The book is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced pyrographers, and is well-suited to artists from other media who want to experiment with new ideas and incorporate pyrography into their practice. Pyrography machines are easily obtainable from online suppliers and major craft stores. 

The Art of Pyrography begins with an overview and history of the subject, a tools and equipment section, an introduction to the basic techniques and information on surfaces that you can safely burn. The book moves onto how to transfer designs onto surfaces and incorporate a mixed media approach by looking at shading techniques, introducing colour into your work, playing with backgrounds and how to finish, protect and display your finished pieces. Four shorter mini burns complement ten longer step-by-step projects that walk the reader through the techniques and materials used. A troubleshooting and safety section is also included, making this a one-stop shop to get all your pyrography questions answered.

Chapters include:

  • Colour: Incorporating coloured pencils, paint, and inks
  • Using resin to finish your work which results in a beautiful glass-like finish
  • Using gold leaf to add a touch of magic.

Book Contents

Into the fray 6, Feel the burn 12, Exploring line and capturing tone 32

Bee Happy Mini burn 48, 3D Butterfly Mini burn 50, Tree Frog Step-by-step project 60, Drawing on inspiration 62, Sketch with fire Mini burn 74, Hibiscus Mini burn 74, Magic of the Moonlight Step-by-step project 80, Tree frog tone Step-by-step project 86, Times gone by Step-by-step project 88, Sidmouth seafront Step-by-step project 92, Colour your world 96, Bringing colour to the jungle Step-by-step project 110, Pyro and the peacock Step-by-step project 114, Gaia Step-by-step project 120, The Midas Touch Adding gold to your pyrography 126, Reed Warbler: Lady of the Marsh Step-by-step project 144, A Final Froggy Flourish Step-by-step project 150

Through the looking glass 154, The final curtain 162, Troubleshooting 168, Safety 172, Afterword 174, Index 176

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