30 August 2022


PH Kit

198x250 mm



48 pages


Bob Ross Cross Stitch

by Haley Pierson-Cox

Artist Bob Ross brought happiness to millions with his calming and approachable oil painting program The Joy of Painting. Now you can stitch an homage to the man himself with Bob Ross Cross Stitch. This kit features twelve patterns inspired by Ross’s famous quotes. Inside, you’ll find materials to make two designs (cross stitch fabric, needle, embroidery floss, and a hoop), along with a 48-page, illustrated instruction book.

Stitch your favourite Bob Ross quotes, including:
- "We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents"
- "If you learn from it, it's not a failure"
- "There is an artist hidden within every single one of us"

Bob Ross Cross Stitch provides the perfect inspiration for crafters everywhere. After all, as Bob Ross said, “anytime you learn, you gain.”

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