24 May 2023


BB Hardback

149x209 mm



64 pages

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All-New Twenty to Make

All-New Twenty to Make: Flowers to Crochet

by Sarah-Jane Hicks

Crochet 20 of your favourite flowers!

For beautiful buds that will last all year round, crochet this lovely little collection of flowers by the author of the best-selling Amigurumi Christmas book, Sarah-Jane Hicks.

There are 20 stunning flowers to choose from, including a sunshine-yellow sunflower, the classic rose, a dainty daisy, a sweet snowdrop and the bumblebee’s favourite: lavender. Each flower only requires small amounts of yarn, making them ideal for using up any odds and ends.

Once you’ve crocheted your blooms, use them to embellish clothing, accessories and homewares. Inside, you’ll find advice on making stunning wreaths with your flowers; there are also instructions for crocheting a wreath cover, so you can have a permanent, gorgeous flower display to hang in your home. 

This is a fantastic little project book in a handy pocket-size format, so you can crochet your posies wherever you go!

The original best-selling Twenty to Make series has sold over 2 million copies worldwide! In a handy hardback pocket-size format that makes them perfect little gifts, each title in the All-New Twenty to Make series contains 20 brand-new projects.

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Rose, Peony, Dahlia/Chrysanthemum, Poinsette, Poppy + seed head, Anemone/Christmas Rose, Iris, Lily, Daffodil, Snowdrop (stem), Pansy/Viola, Daisy, Sunflower, Sea Holly, Bluebell/Delphinium (stem), Foxglove/snap dragon (stem), Sweetpea/Freesia (stem), Lavender/Salvia (stem), Hydrangea, Forget-me-not, Wreath



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