14 June 2024


BB Hardback

127x180 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Craft Pocket Books

Pocket Book of Macramé

by Claire Gelder

Get started and learn the basics with this miniature, no-nonsense guide to macrame!

From best-selling author and crafting queen Claire Gelder, this gorgeous mini guide is packed full of macramé know-how, practical illustrations and comes with five simple-but-stunning projects.

Perfect for complete beginners, Claire clearly explains everything you need to know about macramé: how to choose a support, how to keep an even tension and how to introduce extra embellishments such as beads, shells and charms. It is structured as a simple 3-step course that will help you progress from bronze to gold as your skills and confidence grow.

Before you know it you'll be knotting a trendy plant pot holder, a charming dreamcatcher, a stunning wall hanging, a statement table runner, plus the bonus macramé project: friendship bracelets!

Filled with positive affirmations and beautifully illustrated, this wonderful book is the ideal introduction to macramé for a complete beginner.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a little self-care with some mindful crafting, and create something beautiful today!

Book Contents

A little bit about me and Wool Couture 6
What’s in this book? 12

Getting started
What you need to get started with macramé 16
Essential tools 22
Keeping a journal 24
How long will my project take? 25
Macramé tension and tips 26

Your first knots
The overhand knot 28
The lark’s head knot 30
The half square knot 33
The square knot 34
The wrapped knot 36
How to count square knots 38
How to count half square knots 40
How to untie rows quickly 41
Bronze level project: Plant pot hanger 44

Your next knots
Silver level project: Dreamcatcher 54

Other knot techniques
The berry knot 72
The square knot picot 74
The clove hitch knot 76
Gold level project: Wall hanging 80
Gold level project: Table runner 94
Bonus level project: Friendship bracelets 114

Macramé notes 128

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