22 March 2024


BB Hardback

149x209 mm



64 pages

Search Press

All-New Twenty to Make

All-New Twenty to Make: Rock Art

by Denise Scicluna

Looking for a new hobby that really rocks?

  • Pebble painting is fun, creative and inexpensive, and is the perfect craft for beginners and families as well as more seasoned artists. All you need is a┬ápebble, some paint or marker pens and your imagination!
  • Art therapist and author Denise Scicluna will take you through the whole process, from choosing the right rock and sketching out your designs to varnishing and finishing your pebbles.
  • The book contains 20 of Denise's fun, colourful designs, ranging from playful animals such as a lion, fish and sheep to elegant abstract designs and an intricate mandala.
  • Each project contains a list of the materials needed, clear written instructions and a labelled diagram to refer to, along with an inspiring photograph of the finished pebble.
  • With 20 project ideas, and inspirational pages for taking it further, this book will get you and the whole family pebble painting in no time.

Book Contents

Introduction 4
Rock hunting 6
Be inspired 8
Tools and materials 10
Preparation 12
Finishing your design 14

Caterpillar 16, Mandala 18, Sheep 20, Googly-eyed monster 22, Lemon 24, Fruit variations 26, Frog 28, Lion 30, Penguin 32, Cottage 34, Abstract pattern 36, Abstract pattern variations 38, Plant 40, Moon 42, Bird 44, Leaf 46, Red flower 48, Flower variations 50, Fish 52, Avocado 54, Rainbow 56, Whale 58, Hedgehog 60

Acknowledgements 64

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