16 August 2024


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112 pages

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Shaun the Sheep: Baa-rilliant Knits!

by Sachiyo Ishii & Aardman

Mischievous, smart and the leader of the Flock, Shaun the Sheep made his screen debut in the Wallace & Gromit film, A Close Shave, in 1995. Fast-forward to now and Shaun has become a global superstar, enjoyed by fans in 170 countries across the world!

His ‘deb-ewe’ knitting book, Baa-rilliant Knits, features Shaun and 9 of his Mossy Bottom sidekicks, lovingly created by popular knitting designer Sachiyo Ishii.

The book features two versions of Shaun (on two legs and four legs!), complete with Santa hat and paper chain from The Flight Before Christmas short film, and a baker's hat and pizza from the series 6 episode Baa-gherita.

Also ready for some fleecy farmyard fun are:

  • Shaun's adorable friend Timmy and Timmy's mum;
  • Shirley, the fleeciest member of the gang;
  • The mischievous Twins;
  • The Farmer and his trusty canine sidekick Bitzer;
  • A Naughty Pig to make in triplicate;
  • Mower Mouth the greedy goat;
  • Raul, one of the infamous llamas from The Farmer's Llamas short film!

Ideal for confident knitters, the book contains essential techniques and stitches at the start, with clear instructions for making the characters stand upright and a full step-by-step construction guide. The patterns are easy-to-follow, packed with photographs for easy reference, and any tricky elements are broken down into step-by-step stages. The patterns are interspersed with stills from Shaun's movie masterpieces as well as from episodes of his popular TV series, for inspiration and entertainment.

More about Shaun: Shaun the Sheep has starred in six TV series and enjoyed success on the big screen with two feature films that have seen him go on adventures beyond Mossy Bottom Farm. And did we mention that Shaun is a social media star too, with nearly 6 million followers on Facebook? Shaun has featured in commercials, live shows and computer games, and there is a Shaun the Sheep Land in Sweden and a Shaun-themed café in Japan. Shaun the Sheep has even been into space as part of the Artemis (or Baa-temis) space mission!

Book Contents

Materials & tools
Basic knitting know-how
Top techniques & stitches
Sewing up & stuffing

The Flock and their friends

Shaun the Sheep
Shaun on all fours
Baa-gherita time!
The Flight Before Christmas
The Farmer
Timmy’s Mum
The Naughty Pigs
Mower Mouth
The Farmer’s Llama (Raul)
The Twins

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