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The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting

by Elizabeth Lovick

Stitches, techniques, and projects for lighter-than-air shawls and more. The ethereal beauty and intricacy of Shetland lace knitting might at first seem beyond the powers of the everyday knitter, but the skills needed are within the reach of everyone who can knit and purl, cast on, and bind off. The Magic of Shetland Lace is designed to take the novice knitter from their first “yarn over” step-by-step to complex every-row lace knitting. Organised by stitch and row count, the techniques are introduced with clear step-by-step instructions, charts, and detailed photographs of knitted samples. The book presents all the essential skills you will need to master a wealth of traditional Shetland motifs, patterns, and insertions, including Cat’s Paw, Candlelight, Horse Shoe, and many more. Includes suggestions for how to work different stitches into elegant and traditional Shetland Lace accessories such as scarves, hats, and shawls.

Gives a well-studied insight into the beautiful and intricate tradition of Shetland lace making, by an experienced and down-to-earth teacher and craft lover.
Includes 200 beautiful photographs of Shetland designs and steps.
Designed to take the novice knitter, step-by-step, right through from their first "yarn over" to complex every-row lace knitting.

Book Contents

Prelim s (5 pp)
Introduction (6 pp)
In this book you will be taken at your own speed through the techniques needed to knit lace, starting with how to make your first yarn over. You will find out how simple it is to knit airy scarves and chunky openwork cushion covers. And when you make a mistake (as you always will) you will work out the best way to put it right. And once you have learned the art of knitting lace using the Techniques section, you will return to the Stitch Directory again and again to find the perfect stitch for your next scarf, shawl, or other work of art. The book takes the novice knitter from their first "yarn over" step-by-step to complex every-row lace knitting. The Techniques section explains the tools and skills needed along with detailed explanations of the core techniques. The Stitch Directory, the heart of the book, gives step-by-step instructions, charts, and written patterns for knitting the samples, along with methods of using these stitches in different ways. Finally, there are projects using the stitches in a variety of items.
While the book is primarily aimed at lace beginners, those with more experience will appreciate the way the tagging of the stitches makes it easy to substitute patterns and to design their own garments and those interested in the different knitted lace traditions will appreciate a collection of specifically Shetland stitches. More and more knitters are wanting to stretch themselves and learn new techniques and, while there are plenty of project books out there, there is presently no book aimed specifically at helping these knitters to take their first steps in knitting Shetland lace.
I Love Shetland Lace
In her own words, Liz Lovick describes the special relationship she has with this wonderful textile, going into its history and how Shetland knitted lace is distinguished from other kinds. In this article, there's a chance to see some beautiful examples of the craft and to soak up the atmosphere of the wild Scottish landscape that gave its name to this exquisitely delicate stitch style.
About This Book
The book is organised into four sections. The Stitch Selector shows clear photographs of each of the lace stitches. The Techniques section goes through the tools and techniques you will need to create the pieces. The Stitch Directory gives stitch-by-stitch instructions to knit each pattern, along with variations, and finally the Projects section provides ideas for how these delicate stitches may be used.
Stitch Selector (6 pp)
This section presents all of the 50 samples together, arranging them by stitch number and identifying them by skill level. The beginner may want to start here to find some easy patterns to begin with.
T echnique s (18 pp)
Clear instructions with diagrams and step-by-step photos showing the key techniques needed to knit lace.
Tools and equipment, including needle choices and yarn weights and types suitable for lace (including handspun)
Basic technique including the lace cast on, working yarn overs, left and right slanting decreases, and so on
How to read a chart, with examples
Tips for using thin yarn with fat needles
Dealing with partial patterns at the beginning and end of rows
Dealing with mistakes
Tips and tricks for keeping your place
How to dress/block your lace
How to put different motifs together to make different patterns, with photographs of designs which do and don't work
Stitch Directory (88 pp)
A beautifully laid out stitch directory, organised by stitch count and row count, showing a range of shetland lace stitch samples, some at two per page, some at one per page.
Each stitch sample will be tagged with:
Skill level
Stitch count and row count
Chart and written pattern instructions
Links to other patterns which can be used with it or substituted for it
Suggestions and photographic examples of the stitch combined with other stitches and shown in a range of variations
Stitches will include:
All-over patterns
Including Horse Shoe, Candlelight, Fir Cone, miniature leaf, new shell, razor shell, cockleshell, feather and fan, print o' the wave.
Motifs and frames
Including Cat's Paw, da Flee, ferns, trees, fancy net, da brother, da sister, chevrons, hexagons, diamonds, lace holes
Edgings and Insertions
Including the traditional peaked edging, Old Shale, da steek, ladders, diamond edgings, scalloped edgings
Projects (16 pp)
The projects section contains instructions for six projects of increasing difficulty, including suggestions of how you can make them your own by using different stitches from the Stitch Directory.
Aran weight scarf and hat in sizes for children and adults
Ten-stitch socks in sock yarn/3-ply in multiple sizes
Baby set in 4-ply/fingering in multiple sizes
Triangular shawl in lace weight
Mini-shawl in lace weight
Full-size cobweb shawl
Instructions for each will refer to the Stitch Directory and give possible alternative stitches.
Index, Resources, and Credits (5 pp)
Including a list of all chart symbols and abbreviations used in the book.

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