01 August 2013


BC Paperback

218x278 mm



112 pages


100 Quick & Easy Crochet Stitches

by Darla Sims

Who doesn’t want to learn how to crochet faster than ever? Pick any of the 100 swatches featured in this book to get started. None of the patterns are complicated and consist of mostly double crochet stitches and chains to work up quickly. We will show you ways to crochet faster by changing a single crochet to a taller stitch such as a half double crochet, double crochet or even a treble crochet stitch or by using a larger hook. We've included tips on turning chains, gauge, on how to make any project the same dimension and reduce your time to work the over-all piece.

100 simple swatches to choose from all using basic crochet stitches
Any type yarn can be used to create designs from swatches
100 easy crochet stitch patterns inluding openweave, textured, ripples and more

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