01 August 2014


BC Paperback

190x246 mm



128 pages

Search Press

The Complete Machine Embroidery Manual

by Elizabeth Keegan

This book will get sewing machine users thinking about machine embroidery, using ready-made designs, in a whole new light. It provides everything you need to know, from the types and formats of embroidery design available, how to get them off the internet and into your machine, how to stabilize fabric, which threads and needles to use to get the best results, and of course how to use these designs creatively for beautiful results. It will also help you make the most of the built-in embroidery stitches that most sewing machines offer, but which are mostly forgotten about!
Also included is an invaluable quick reference section, with expert advice on troubleshooting some common problems, and a guide to what to look for if you are thinking of buying one of these fabulous machines.

Get the most from your machine using inbuilt stitches
Great for all machine models
Advice, techniques, ideas, and tips to get the best embroidery from your sewing machine

Book Contents

Prelims (5pp)
Introduction (4pp)
Chapter One / All about sewing machines that can embroider (10pp)
Chapter Two / Computer basics for machine embroidery (18pp)
CHapter Three / Machine embroidery designs (20pp)
Chapter Four / Needles, threads, and stabilizers (10pp)
Chapter Five / Fabric choices (6pp)
Chapter Six / Design placement (18pp)
Chapter Seven / Decorative embroidery stitches (20pp)
Chapter Eight/ Common problems and their remedies (6pp)
Chapter Nine / Buyer’s guide (8pp)
Index and Credits (3pp)

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