10 June 2015


BC Paperback Flexi-binding with flaps

216x280 mm



144 pages

Search Press

The Textile Artist

The Textile Artist: Layer, Paint and Stitch

by Wendy Dolan

This beautiful book guides the reader through Wendy’s inventive style of work: from piecing and patching fabrics and creating textures to painting and embellishing with hand and machine stitching. This book contains a wealth of inspiration for any textile artist, showing them how to create gorgeous, textured pieces of art and then, in the final chapter, offering inspiration for how to transform these pieces into three-dimensional items such as cushion covers, notebooks, 3-d vessels, and even a wedding dress, which Wendy made for her daughter. The book contains six beautiful step-by-step projects, broken down into three chapters: Architecture, Landscapes and Flowers, and at the end of each section there is an inspiring gallery of Wendy’s work.

Renowned textile artist Wendy Dolan shares her techniques, ideas and inspirations
Six gorgeous projects to create along with galleries of Wendy’s beautiful work to enjoy
Offers exciting ideas and inspiration, encouraging readers to explore, create and develop their own designs
Fourth title in the Textile Artist series

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
Inspiration 10
Colour 18
Freehand machine stitching 20
Hand stitching 30
Playing with colour 34
Playing with texture 44
Design 48

Summer Meadow 54
Iris 66
Flowers gallery 80

Venetian Window 82
Montage inspired by Gaudi 94
Architecture gallery 104

Rugged Moors 108
Poppy Field 120
Landscapes gallery 130

Three-dimensional inspiration 134
Wedding dress 136
Three-dimensional vessels 138
Cushion covers 142
Notebook covers 143

Index 144

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