08 July 2015


BC Paperback

155x215 mm



48 pages

Search Press

Colour Mixing Guides

Colour Mixing Guide: Watercolour

by Julie Collins

A clear, comprehensive guide to colour mixing for the watercolour artist. It begins with simple colour theory and a colour wheel, with a template provided so that readers can paint their own; a vital step towards understanding colour. There is vividly illustrated guidance on complementary, warm and cool colours, colour tone, using a limited palette, dull and bright colours and factoring in local colour. There follows an array of essential colour mixes using widely available Winsor & Newton colours. A beautifully presented and practical guide to understanding and mixing colours. Watercolour artists from beginners to more experienced painters will find this a handy, comprehensive guide.

  • Clear, practical comprehensive guide including a colour wheel template so readers can paint their own
  • Uses readily available Winsor & Newton colours, easily substituted by other ranges
  • Pocket-sized and practical for the artist

Book Contents

Introduction 4
Materials 6
Colours used in this book 8
Colour 10
Colour wheel 10
Primary colours 12
Secondary colours 14
Tertiary colours 15
Complementary colours 16
Warm and cool colors 18
Colour tone 20
Using a limited palette 22
Dull and bright colours 26
Local colour 27
Colour mixes 28
Yellows and oranges 28
Reds and pinks 32
Violets and blues 36
Greens 40
Browns 44
Blacks and greys 46
Glossary 48

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