18 March 2016


BB Hardback

228x250 mm



192 pages

Search Press

Billy Showell's Botanical Painting in Watercolour

by Billy Showell

Billy Showell is a well-respected botanical watercolour artist, and her exceptional eye for detail and ability to re-create the form, texture, colour and patterning of a wide range of plants have earned her a formidable reputation worldwide. Her compositions are given a contemporary, sometimes playful twist, while retaining all the beauty and accuracy of traditional botanical paintings.

In this inspiring and indispensable guide for botanical artists, she reveals the materials, methods and techniques she uses to attain her stunningly beautiful portraits of flowers, fruit and vegetables. There is expert guidance on tools and materials, working from life, observation, and drawing and painting techniques, as well as detailed sections on pattern, texture, and colour and colour mixing. With numerous step-by-step studies, close-up photographs and examples of Billy's exquisite paintings, this book is not only packed full of invaluable advice and information but also a visually stunning showcase for the work of this amazing artist.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
Getting started 18
Working from life 20
Observation 22
Drawing 28
Using a brush 44
Painting techniques 54
Troubleshooting 82
Painting detail 88
Adding pattern 110
Creating texture 118
Painting multi-headed flowers 130
Painting from enlarged photographs 136
Colour and colour mixing 140
Composition 178
Stretching and finishing 186
Glossary 190
Index 191

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