01 January 2021


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Cloth Doll Faces

by Ray Slater

Leading international doll-maker Ray Slater reveals her secrets to creating vibrant and dynamic faces in cloth. Brimming with ideas and practical advice, this is an invaluable guide for cloth doll-makers everywhere.

The face is the key to bringing life and personality to a cloth doll. Often thought of as being the hardest part of the making process, creating the face is, in fact, relatively easy and enjoyable to do. Just by following a few simple rules a whole world of wonderfully expressive, fun characters can be created. Ray will show you how, taking you from the initial inspiration sources, the design and drawing process, to the final colouring, sewing and embellishment of the head.

Using just three basic face designs flat, three-dimensional and collaged you'll learn how to create a fantastic collection of characters. Tips on how to adjust proportions, hues and positioning of the features will show you how to make a whole host of faces with different looks and expressions. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions break down the process of making each kind of face, and there are techniques to help you make your own unique doll. Finally, Ray shares two body patterns in her book to suit all three head types, and body templates are included.

Book Contents


Face & doll-making notions8
- Materials10
- Tools12
- Drawing & colouring equipment14

Inspiration & design16
- Influences, sources & styles18
- Developing a design20

Designing & colouring
a face22
- Proportions of the face24
- Drawing eyes26
- Drawing noses34
- Drawing mouths37
- Shading a realistic face40
- Gallery of simple line faces42
- Gallery of realistic faces45
- Gallery of decorative faces50
- Designing a collage face53

Face-making techniques56
- Flat faces58
- Dimensional faces68
- Extra head details82
- Collage faces88

Basic doll-making techniques102
- Before you begin104
- Basic bodies106
- Basic collage bodies114


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