01 February 2017


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



96 pages

Search Press

How to Make Resin Jewellery

by Sara Naumann

Resin jewellery first started in the US around 6 years ago and has now become one of the fastest-growing trends in jewellery making. The technique is very simple you simply mix the two-part resin together and pour into a bezel or pendant. Rings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, hairpins and bracelets are all easy to make and look incredibly professional when done. 

In this inspiring book, well-known crafter Sara Naumann shows you just how easy and quick resin jewellery is to make, using minimal equipment and readily available products, and provides over 50 fabulous projects for you to try. You can add numerous items to the resin to achieve different effects. You can place paper in the bezels to act as a background to the resin such as old book paper, map paper, scrapbook paper and photographs. Paper can also be painted, stencilled, or layered with washi tape before being coated with resin. Try sheet music for a vintage vibe, or origami papers for a fresh, contemporary look. 

In addition, you can also immerse various items in the resin before it cures, such as dried flowers and leaves, feathers, shells, beads and charms, or try adding glitter, coloured inks, nail polish and virtually anything else you can think of. 

The versatility of resin jewellery is awe-inspiring, providing papercrafters as well as jewellery-makers with all the skills and inspiration they need to design and make their own stunning pieces. 

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Tools and Materials 8
What is Resin? 10
Troubleshooting 20
Paper Techniques 22
The Projects                                                                       
Using Paper 30
Scrapbook paper 32
Map paper 34
Book paper 36
Origami paper 38
Napkin and tissue paper 40
Washi tape and paper 42
Stamping 44
Heat embossing 46
Inkpad press 48
Image transfer paper 50
Mylar sheets 52
Fabric 54
Colouring Agents 56
Glitter Glue 58
Alcohol Ink 60
Nail polish 62
Acrylic Paint 64
Powder Inclusions 66
Enamelling powder 68
Pigment Powder 70
Clear Fine Glitter 72
German Glass Glitter 74
Embossing powder 76
3-D Inclusions 78
Megaflake 80
Buttons and watch parts 82
Natural inclusions 84
No-bezel Jewellery 86
Wooden shapes 88
Game pieces 90
Freeform Pieces 92
Commercial Moulds 94
Index 96

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