15 December 2016


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



176 pages

Search Press

Stitched Shibori

by Jane Callender

Written by expert shibori teacher Jane Callender, this beautiful, practical book is packed with both traditional and inventive stitch-resist techniques, a complete dyeing guide and an inspirational gallery of Jane’s work. This book contains all the information a beginner will need to get started - including tips on dyeing in small spaces and a guide to all the necessary health and safety considerations - but is also packed with innovative techniques and inspiring designs that will appeal to the experienced textile artist.

The book is broken into three sections. The first shows you all the key stitch-resist techniques you need - from the basics right through to creating intricate designs and all are clearly explained with photography and illustrations. Learn how to create a range of different shibori styles, oversew, make circles and other shapes, use grids, double needles, stencils and caps, bind fabrics, work with machine stitch, use fabric buffers and incorporate appliqué.

The second section shows you how to use motifs to create pattern: learn how to create and position designs, including traditional arrangements such as Karamatsu and Tatewaku, create composite designs and get tips on how to plan your own patterns.

Finally, the book contains a complete guide to dyeing it contains recipes, tips and advice so that you can get the very best from every dye bath you make. Learn how to dye with both natural and synthetic indigo, in organic and synthetic vats. Also choose from a wide range of natural dyes, iron rust and dazzling Procion dyes, which can be used in combination or alone for amazing effects. 

Book Contents

What is shibori? 6
About this book 8
Shibori tradition 10
Stitch-resist techniques  14
Fabric preparation 15
The stitch-resist process 18
Stitching on a single layer 18
Mokume shibori 20
Blocks and stripes 24
Creating simple pattern 26
Double needles 31
Stitching with binding and capping 32
Capping 34
Oversewing 35
Oversewn shapes 37
Introducing the fold 39
Curves on the fold 40
One fold seam 43
Double fold 44
Shapes on the fold 46
Motif development 48
The versatile grid 55
The stitch grid 58
Folding on the grid 62
Two for the effort of one 65
Machined resist folds 66
Machined resists: dots, stripes and shapes 72
Machined resists using concertina folds 75
Wrapped pattern 82
Itajime shibori 86
Binding and capping to a core 92
Capping with plastic 94
Cores and reserved grounds 95
Chikuwa shibori 98
Dip-dyeing 100
Applying indigo with a pipette 103
Shirokage shibori 104
Appliqué shibori 108
Hotaru shibori 113
Degumming 116
Knots 118
Buffers 120
Pulling up 122
Creating pattern 124
Pattern in form 125
Traditional karamatsu 126
Takewaku 128
Traditional linked flower 130
Hemp leaf pattern 133
Planning pattern 136
Composite design for pattern 140
Dyes 142
Dipping into magical water: indigo 143
Natural chemical vat 144
Synthetic indigo vat 145
Natural organic vats 146
Indigo dyeing procedure 148
Indigo vat considerations 149
Indigo recipe charts 150
Other useful recipes 151
Indigo dyeing tips 152
Natural dyes 153
Iron rust 158
Cold water fibre-reactive dyes 161
Shibori equipment 166
Health and safety 168
Glossary 169
Gallery 170
Index 175
Biography 176

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