01 June 2017


BC Paperback

215x254 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings

by Mark Daniel Nelson

This unique book works as a complete course in acrylic painting, built up from key techniques. As you progress through the sections of the book, the author demonstrates each technique with the creation of a mini painting, measuring 5-inch (12¾-centimetre) square. So by the time you have worked right through to the end, you will have an amazing collection of 50 mini paintings, on board, or paper, or canvas, that will be a testament to your skill and creativity.

The subject matter for the squares varies from abstracts and simple colour mixing exercises, through to figurative subjects: a flower, a sunset, a busy street scene and much more. These can be mounted, exhibited, or simply collected in a portfolio, or given away as gifts for friends to cherish.

The book is ideal for anyone coming to acrylics for the first time, or keen to improve their skills, and who is sometimes daunted by the thought of filling a large empty canvas or blank piece of board. Instead, it will free painters from creative hang-ups, and replace them with an addictive desire to create that next 5-inch square!

This title was previously published in 2015 as Little Ways to Learn Acrylics.

Book Contents

Welcome 6
Project gallery 8
Chapter 1: Introduction to materials and techniques 12
Chapter 2: Getting to know acrylics 34
Chapter 3: Beyond the basics 72
Chapter 4: Rendering surface and form 104
Glossary 140
Index 142
Credits 144

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