09 August 2017


BC Paperback

210x297 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Drawing the Female Nude

by Giovanni Civardi

Giovanni Civardi explores and explains the intricate process of depicting the female nude. From choosing your method of representation and deciding whether to draw from life or from photography, every facet of drawing the female nude is covered in this in-depth reference book, a valuable resource for any artist.

Civardi’s own considered drawings provide an excellent basis for the artist wanting to expand their figure-drawing skills; and the author takes a practical, almost geometric, approach to depicting the female form, breaking down the body into basic shapes and portraying the female figure in a variety of simple and complex poses.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Stages of a drawing procedure 8
The anatomical reasons for shape 9
Some methods of representation 12
Tonal drawing 12
Linear drawing 13
Constructive drawing 14
Structural drawing 15
The erect figure 16
The moving figure 38
The sitting figure 56
The kneeling figure 76
The reclining and lying-down figure 88
The figure in perspective 118
Some photographic references 124
Bibliography 128

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