13 April 2018


BC Paperback

222x222 mm



144 pages

Search Press

Cuddly Animals to Crochet

by Lucia Förthmann

This charming book contains a whole range of wonderfully cute animal creations for you to crochet! With clear, straightforward patterns to follow and fun photography, you will want to make every one of the 28 different animals there are to choose from.

Crocheted in beautifully soft merino and organic cotton yarns, these super-cuddly creatures will make great toys for children or grandchildren to play with and cuddle. 

Chapters focus on forest and farm animals, those from Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, and sea and pond creatures, and there is also a short techniques section at the beginning of the book explaining all the stitches used in the projects.

Choose from Emily the Sheep, Victor the Ostrich, Timmy the Tiger, Jimmy the Koala, Paul the Sloth, Charlie the Sea Turtle and many more - there is sure to be a favourite for your special youngster.

Book Contents

Techniques 4

James the Fox 16
Luna the Owl 22
Rosie the Deer 26
Harry the Raccoon 30
Winnie the Rabbit 34

Emily the Sheep 42
Linda the Cow 46
Priscilla the Pig 52
Clara the Cat 56
Babs the Bee 60

Hettie the Giraffe 66
Nelly the Hippo 70
Agatha the Zebra 74
Louis the Lion 77
Victor the Ostrich 80

Timmy the Tiger  88
Shu Shu the Panda 92
Mabel the Elephant 96

Jimmy the Koala 102
Marsha the Kangaroo 106
Percy the Platypus 110

Paul the Sloth 116
Emilio the Chameleon 120
Tom the Monkey 123

Henry the Whale 128
Pierrot the Frog 132
Charlie the Turtle 136
Charlotte the Octopus 140

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